About TTS

About Trichy Tech Services

TRICHY TECH SERVICES (TTS) was incorporated in 2013 by a group of Enterprising experienced engineers in the field of engineering , construction, commissioning, operating and maintaining as well as trouble shooting of power boilers / Thermal power plants and its accessories and having combined experiences more than 1000 man years.

TTS personnel have sheer competence and extensive core experience with more than 30 years in Design,Manufacture,Erection and commissioning of FBC Boilers, travelling grate, cfbc boilers of capacity from 5 TPH to 250 TPH and of varying pressures from 10 bar to 106 bar.

TTS offers services to power boilers and power plant equipments’ users as listed below :

 Supply of various type of Boilers and ESP.

 Supervision of Erection & Commissioning of process boilers / power boilers with ESP.

 Trouble shooting of existing power boilers / power plant equipments and conducting of energy audit of the same in order to enhance reliability of power plant    equipments and further optimizing the efficiency of power boilers and power plant equipments.

 Servicing of Safety valves,gate valves and globe valves.

 Conducting Performance test as per ASME PTC 4 or 4.1.

 Conditional assessment study of Boilers and ESP.

 Checking of Boiler, ESP and Auxiliaries during annual inspection at critical areas.

 Supply of spare parts for FBC boilers( Thermax,Cheema, Veesons,Cethar) like Air nozzles, mixing nozzles, Crosses, MDC vanes , fuel feeders , Ash feeders,
   bed coils , economizer coils , fan impellers with shafts, ESP internals , APH assembly etc.

 Supply of spares for all travelling grate boilers.

 Project management from erection start to commissioning.

TTS has handled following types of boilers and have rich hand experience on:

 Bubbling fluidized bed type boilers.

 Circulating fluidized bed type boilers.

 Waste heat recovery boilers.

 Travelling grate type of boilers.

 ESP for various type boilers.

Total SERVICE AND SOLUTION is the motto and driving force for TTS.

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